Welcome To SmartWall

SmartWall panels provide the timeless look of wall tiles with the many added benefits of a unique wall covering that looks and feels fantastic. The panels require little preparation to any existing surface other than it being relatively level, clean and dry and can go directly over existing wall tiles, plaster, brick, boards and virtually any surface. Using the specially formulated adhesive the panels will save both time and money for the installer and customer.

Smart Wall panles are made from a unique composite which helps retain warmth and so are not cold to the touch, nor do they encourage moisture to settle on them unlike tiles or plaster which often draws the warmth from the air in a room and provides a cold surface on which steam condenses.

One of the greatest benefits of fitting SmartWall panels over tiles, is that they require no grouting. The grout lines are actually in the panels already and so there's no two stage process of tiling and then grouting! Best of all, the grout lines will not attract mould and colourants unlike traditional grout.

SmartWall panels are completely waterproof and whilst being highly durable, are also lightweight, making them easy to fit. Available in a range of stunning ranges and designs, they make an ideal wall covering for kitchens, bathrooms & utility rooms.

When choosing the surface finish for your room, make the smart choice with SmartWall panels; versatile,flexible & 100% waterproof. SmartWall can be supplied for landscape or portrait applications to suit your taste and space.

As you can see the site is still under construction so some links aren't working yet and some information isn't available right now but it will be soon. In the meantime you can still contact us by phone on 0121 458 5082 or e mail us at sales@sbpuk.com about any queries you have that are not answered on this site or if there is something that needs "fixing" as construction continues.